The sun will come out tomorrow

It is SOOO nice to have the sun out and the humidity gone.. last week was truly miserable! I ended up sick.. still am - some cold I can't get rid of... but i'm sure glad to see the sun today!

John finished up at Fairmount Park. They got cake for - 2 kinds! he was in heaven!! :) Today - is the first day of full time JOhn P. Lindtner Preservation Services. So, he's busy organizing and getting jobs lined up .....! I'm proud of him - he's worked hard to get to this point and he's going to do a great job as a business owner and as the contractor doing the actual work! He's brilliant at what he does!

I'm 2 weeks away from starting up Sunday School again. IN some ways i'm lookign forward to it - seeing all the kids.. having a reg. program for them.. opportunities for growth and meeting new families - BUT - i've a ton to do between now and then to be ready! And.. i preach this Sunday.. so - i'm writing a sermon this week as well. Yup...

Next week though John and I go away for 2.5 days! ya!!!! Can't wait.. :)

Back to work..

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