I"m back at work today.. tomorrow is my day off and Sunday starts off sunday school again for the year!! i'm excited about starting back up... having all the kids back here agian.. but. - feel a bit overwhelmed wanting everything to turn out good! I can't believe summer is over and kids are back in school - i feel like I just ended the sunday school program and here we go again for another year! crazy crazy!!!!!!

John and I had a wonderful time away. We spent 2 nights at a family friends little place in Wildwood NJ. The beach was empty of people and the weather was beautiful!! We spent time both Tues and Wed sitting on the beach - Lovely!! Tues evenign we went into Cape May and walked about.. looked at all the historic houses - there are huge beautiful Victorian houses - i would have loved to walk around inside and check it all out! The funny thing about the trip was how drawn we both were to the TV. We don't have TV at our house - we have a TV but don't pay for cable so we don't get any channels in. We watch movies on it instead... so where we stayed had cable.. and anytime we were there - the TV was on and we were like mesmorized by it! Too funny... Animal planet was one we watched.. - only it kep making me cry!! those darn cute animals... and those awful stories of people abusing them and not taking proper care of them.. makes me mad! I couldn't stand it - i cried.. oh well...

I think we are going to work on the shed some more this week... time for the walls! I really need to get pics up!

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