Snow, Ice, Cold

The sun was shining today.  Not a cloud in the sky.  And it was pretty cold, but we needed some sun and some fresh air.  So, we had an adventure. 

That boy, complained about going.  He was tired..  hot...  cold..  DID NOT WANT TO GO..  but once we got there.  He was off and running.  Exploring, finding paths, playing with sticks, crunching in the snow.  It was so needed. 

It was beautiful.  The Sun.  The Air.  The crispness in the air.  The crunch under our feet.  The smell of cold.  The whiteness all around us. 

Asher and Hannah ran, I took pictures.  It was lovely.  And cold.  It was cold too. 

It's been a cold month.  Pretty much everywhere.  It makes me long for summer.  For the warmth of the sun.  The beach.  The waves.  The sand.  Oh, how I want it!

But there is beauty in the winter.  I saw it today.  I was reminded of it today.  Again. 




So, until spring comes and the snow is melted away..  I will enjoy the beauty in the waiting. 

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