Snow Fun

We have had 2 winters with no snow.  The last time we had good snow, my kids were 1 and 2.  Too little to really do a whole lot.  This year..  it's snowing and we are having a blast! 

We have a park right behind our house with a hill...  we've hit it.  And it's so fun.  We laugh as we try to climb back up the hill, only to slide back down.  We scream as we sled down the hill and get a blast of snow and ice in our face.  The kids go down by themselves and it makes me so happy. 

Our cheeks end up rosy red.  our chins are cold.  snow gets in our sleeves.  My kids face plant in the snow over and over.  and then laugh. 

and it has been so fun!  COLD, but fun! 

I'm not sure John thinks it so fun though.  His workshop roof is flat.  So he spent the afternoon doing that.  Yep..  he LOVES the snow! 

I took a bunch of pics with my phone too.  (the above were the camera).  and my challenge is to figure out how to post those on my blog.  hmm... 

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