Nothing can prepare you

We are here in Haiti and it really is overwhelming to see the devastation everywhere. Here are some of my observations just on the ride up to the guest house.

* all the dust, rubble, piles of rocks and stones, everywhere.
* bare feet, dusty feet, flip flops on feet, in the midst of the rubble
* a pig lying in a ravine, little water flowing through, trash all over, rocks
* goats, dogs, chickens just wondering around
* tents for homes
* so many people on the road, walking, sitting outside, so many people with nothing to do, no jobs

It is overwhelming, truly. But.....

But God. But, God has a plan for this place, a plan for His children, to. Know him, to rebuild, to love him.

So excited to be a part of this plan!

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Cindy Haley said...

Thanks for sharing. Praying for the part of God's plan which includes why you are there.