Images of Haiti

We have had 2 full days of working and being with the Haitian people. I have seen so many things, so many images are filling my mind. Images of piles of trash smoldering, of the dusty feet, the animals searching for scraps to eat in the midst of the trash, children caring for children, people rushing about on busy streets. I see a country is such disarray. But maybe it is not. Maybe that is my image, my view of how things should be. Maybe the disarray that I see, is really just life for them. It is living and working and caring and surviving and it is their life and how dare I look at their life and say it is in disarray. They work hard, they carry a burden like I will never know, but it is their life. Their precious life. And I stand back and instead I admire them. I could not do it. They have a strength that goes beyond anything I could handle.

What I see as disarray, they see as life. And they are proud.

There is not much work for us where the church is being built, men have been hired to do some work while we are here. That is good, they need the work. So, we watch and observe and hold dusty hands of children who are mesmerized by our white skin and blue eyes. We jump rope, we show pictures, we dance, we sing, we joined in on a pentecostal group of women who were have a fasting praise and prayer service all day. As we left, we invited them to come visit the Methodist church and later that day, they did.

As a church is rebuilt, so are people.
God does that. He rebuilds people, communities, families. so much needs to be rebuilt here, but God is already at work doing that in peoples hearts.

here are some images from the last two days..

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Cindy Haley said...

Thank you Jamie for sharing your pictures and thoughts. Keeping you all on prayer as you minister to the needs of the people in the community.