I’ll be honest, 2013 has been off to a rough start.  But, God is good, always good and I am learning more and more to rest in His promises. 

So, let’s talk goals…  I’m not a goal oriented person.  I’m actually quite awful (i.e. lazy) about setting goals and seeing them through..  much to the dismay of my husband who is very goal oriented.  And much like every other person in the world..  a new year starts and I do, for maybe 2 seconds, think about ‘resolutions’.  But, really..  I don’t make resolutions.  They are not going to stick.. 

But, it’s good to dream, and create a purpose in how you are living..  so here are some things that I would like to be more purposeful in doing/being… 

1. Blogging once a week.  I am a very sporadic blogger..  mainly because I don’t feel I have much to say.  But blogging is a good outlet for me, a good way to push myself to think and express..  so – once a week.  Any ideas you all have for what I could blog on? 

2. Go on a mission trip.  Ok, so this one is actually, really happening.  Soon too..  To Haiti..  end of Feb.  More on this in another blog!

3. Exercise more, eat better, lose weight..  blah blah blah blah..  ya ya ya..  repeat from last year.  Maybe this will be the year though huh?! 

4. Read more.  Books… 

5. Clean my house OUT! Seriously..  simplify life. 

I’m sure there are so many other things I should be improving on..  setting as goals.   But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves ok? 


Another goal..  be more intentional w/ those guys and gals up there..  they are my peeps..  and they are awesome!

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