We got some snow around these parts here..  2 inches maybe – but enough, to make a 3 year old and 4 year old giddy with excitement. 

In Asher’s words  - I’ve waited all year for this!  me too buddy, me too. 

asher hannah snow

So, we bundled  up, put on new snow pants and started shoveled with our new shovels.  (ignore the leftover pumpkins… )

asher shovel

child labor laws?  nah..  just teaching our young ones to earn their keep… 

christmas tree outside

Here’s the tree that lost most of it’s pine needles on my living room floor – all pretty covered in snow now

hannah shovel 2

Hannah helped too all decked out in her favorite colors -   pink/purple.  can’t go wrong w/ that color combination!

john snow

Then came the snow man building

john snowball

and rolling.. 


and stacking.. 

a & h snowman

and oohing and aahing..  till it all came crashing down!  The snow man had a very short lived life. 

The biggest, baddest, dirtiest snow man in all of West Grove… 

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