Life’s Updates

It’s October and today it feels like fall!  It’s crisp, chilly and lovely.  We are fully into all things of fall..  things like..


School.  Asher goes 3x’s a week, Hannah goes 2.  They both LOVE it. 


MOPS.  I am a table leader this year, and I am enjoying getting to know the mom’s at my table as well as some of the other mom’s who are also table leaders.  Asher and  Hannah love being with the Moppets.  Basically..  anything that involves a classroom, other kids, crayons, paper and playing – they’re  in!  So social!  HA. 


CBS.  Community Bible Sunday.  Every Thursday (except MOPS thursdays).  Right now we’re studying I John.  There is homework.  I’m learning, and my kids are learning bible stories, bible verses..  again – they LOVE it. 


Cleaning OUT.  We have SO much STUFF..  so much.  I’m trying, rather unsuccessfully to clean out.  Church has a consignment sale this coming week..  I’m working on getting things together for that.  It seems to be making my house even more of a disaster..  Ugh! 


Birthdays.  Hannah turned 3.  She loved having a birthday.  Asher,  I think, loved it even more!  She got princessy things, her own chapstick..  (she loves it), clothes.. puzzles..  fun stuff!


Work.  For John anyway..  he’s so busy.  Working on making things official to have an employee..  full time maybe.  Good stuff.  He went to look at and measure for storm windows this morning and the homeowner asked if he wanted to work on restoring their windows too.  He said, “maybe in two years”  Yes, he’s full of work.  And yes, we are so thankful. 


So thankful….

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