Wednesday night, the Mr. and I had a big date planned…  and we only had to walk down the street into the borough to the new youth center called ‘The Garage’ for a big hip concert! 

The West Grove Garage is awesome…  it’s a youth center for students to come hang in..  get homework help..  have a place to belong…  direction…etc.  It’s at the bottom of our street..  so cool! 

Check it..  The Garage

So Wednesday night there was a concert there by the ever popular  band      Dr. Dog   Some of the band members are born and bred West Grovers.. 

Yep, I just referred to us as Grovers..  nice. 

So, I’m out at Walmart Wed. morning for some food shopping..  and you know..  Walmart has some clothes so I meander over there with my shopping cart to find something  ‘HIP’ to wear to the concert. 

Seeing as I’m now in my upper 30’s..  (36 is upper right?)…  and having small children and not as in shape as I used to be..  My wardrobe is not so ‘Hip’.  I tell Asher and Hannah that I’m looking for a ‘Hip’ shirt to wear to this very cool, very young, very hip concert tonight…  They help me look, pointing here and there.

When Asher says to me.
“Mommy, did you find something Hipply yet?”
Hipply?  Really?

The thing is..  that is probably a more apt way to describe me these days..  much more hipply then I am hip.. 
Thank you very much Asher.. 

and No, I did not find anything ‘HIP’ at Walmart.. 


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