Hello Monday

Hello busy Monday full of lots of details and organizing for the youth service project later this week. 


Hello cutie pie girly girl who is being bribed by my little ponies to sleep in her own bed after spending most nights the last nearly 3 years making midnight appearances to come snuggle with mommy. 


Hello long hike from a week ago, a hike where we ended up hiking probably 3 miles b/c the trail we were on was not the trail we thought we were on..  yep – got lost!  Now, when we go hiking the kids say,  not the long one!  And..  don’t lose the car guys! 

Didn’t win any parenting awards that day!


Hello 2nd attempt at a 1st sleepover for the Spouts and their mommom and Aunt Sarah..  while mommy spends the night with 17 teenagers and daddy gets a night to himself. 

I’m thinking daddy wins.. 


Hello big boy who is now officially registered for his very first vacation bible school!  No more hanging in the nursery for this big boy!  Embrace the change child..  embrace it!


Hello hot weather coming up..  like 97 degrees hot..  I’m sure it’ll be fun.


Hello cutie patooties who when they aren’t killing each other are actually becoming cute little friends!

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