If I were to write a letter

Some people at christmas time, write letters with their cards and update others on what is going on in their lives. I love that. I love hearing what everyone is up to, how babies are growing into kids and what keeps them busy, and especially how God is working in their hearts. I sent out a picture card of my kids this year, no letter. But if I were to write a letter.. it might include some of the following thoughts. Merry Christmas to you all, from the Lindtner's. We are excited this year to be celebrating the birth of our Saviour. We have been talking with Asher and Hannah a lot this year about Jesus and his birth and how much God loves us. They have been asking questions and telling us that Jesus in in their hearts and Hannah says a lot, "and I wov him". How precious to me to hear those words come out of her mouth.
We have had a good year, not without its challenges and sorrows but a year where we have continued to see and experience God's goodness and grace. I am at a place in my own life where I just feel to excited and so passionate about who God is and what He has done for us and I have felt such an awakening of Christ's love. I want to share the goodness of God with others and I am praying about some intentional opportunities in which to do that.
God has really blessed John's business and he continues to be busy with work. We realize what a wonderful thing that is in the midst of an economy that struggles. Thankfully there are people with old houses that want their windows restored or worked on in someway and who can be talked into the effectiveness of a good storm window! Much of John's time is spent in the workshop or out at clients houses. I am proud of how hard he has worked to make this business of his a success. John is also going to be musical! He is getting a bass for Christmas (he already knows - his idea) and he wants to learn to play! We are all looking forward to hearing his new chords of music! John also had been enjoying being involved with his Sunday School church over at the church. They are a small (8-10) group of parents who meet each week and are currently discussing some of the works of Lee Stroebel.
Asher Daniel turned 3 over the summer and he is becoming such a little boy as opposed to a toddler anymore. He goes to school twice a week and loves it! We hear lots of talk about his friends whose names he can't always remember. He loves being outside: running, riding his bike and learning to play soccer. Inside he loves reading, playing trains or cars or watching some of his favorite shows on TV. He also loves to sing, do puzzles and anything that has to do with ABC's. He is very particular about things and most of the time 'things' have to be just right.. or else. The child has quite a temper and is quite strongwilled! We learn a lot about parenting as we learn to parent Asher.
Asher LOVES his sister and we are teaching him to be more gentle with her as his loving her usually ends up with her in tears. He is big on snuggling and tackling and doing a lot of giggling. He has always had such a great belly laugh and we continue to enjoy his silliness with him. We are so thankful to be his parents. He really is such a blessing to us - as his name Asher means blessing.
Hannah was just 2 in October and she is quite the character. She goes to school 1 day a week and just loves being there. She really is coming into herself these last few months and we are just really enjoying her. She talks all the time, asks lots of questions and can be quite the entertainer. She loves to dance and is starting to get into singing. She is a mama's girl and is so very kind asking me quite often if I'm Okay, as she pats my back, or rubs her hand on my cheek. I love her kindness. She is loving anything that has to do with dolls or jewelry or princesses. She is very girly and very nosy!
She comes across as timid and quiet but really is loud and boisterous. She loves playing hide and seek or tag with Asher. She is always concerned with Asher too and asks him a lot if he's okay. She is a HUGE snuggler and is never far from her mama. She is such a sweetheart and we cannot imagine life without her. She brings such JOY to our life.
I continue to be involved as the youth director at West Grove UMC and am really enjoying my time with students. I have also gotten ivolved with leading a bible study and being a part of fellowship with some girls who are young moms. I am loving building relationships with these girls and teaching them about a God who loves them so much. What am amazing God we serve!
To God be the glory! Merry Christmas!

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