One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days…  you know the ones.. 

that start out entirely too early?  And you’re exhausted before your feet even hit the floor? 

you know, the kind of day where you feel like you’re in a losing battle and your opponents are 3 and a few days shy of 2 and are both under 3 feet tall. 

The kind of day where if we were playing football, the score might be, mighty mighty sprouts 72, weary mom 0.  Or if we were playing basketball, the score might be..  short people 110, old lady 0…. 

Maybe you’ve had the kind of day where your kids don’t listen to you – at all!  In fact, when you tell them NOT to do something it , they do it over and over and they do it while laughing you!

Laughing at you while you tell one child to get off the coffee table and as you remove said child from the coffee table, the other child quickly climbs up while laughing, so you remove that child, while the first child gets on the table..  and they think this is funny.  Um, not so funny. 

Or, the kind of day where they pull all the toilet paper off the roll and see how much they can put in the toilet – all the while as one child sits on the toilet pooping! 

And then they argue over who can flush the poop down the toilet…  and you hear, ‘My poop”, No, My poop!”  Just flush the smelly poop please! 

A day where you end up putting both kids in their rooms with a gate across it so they are confined away from you?! 

one of those days.  Where they don’t eat anything you make for them.  Where they conspire together to see what kind of trouble they’ll get in and then give you a sweet smile thinking that will get them off the hook. 

The kind of day where you put them to bed 30 minutes early because you’re not so sure your sanity can handle another 30 min. of awake time.  And then  you wonder if  7:30 might be too early for mom to go to bed. 

Ever had one of those days?



Me neither…. 

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Bumber's Bumblings said...

yes, but i only have one kid!