I love me some babies

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love babies..  all kinds of babies – human to animals!  I draw the line at insects…  baby or not – I’m not a fan!  But..  give me a little human baby or a little animal baby and I’m in love.  Can’t help it…  their faces…  seriously gets me every time!


A few weeks ago, we got to away as a little family to Chincoteague where we had a wonderful time just relaxing and being together.  Chincoteague, if you are familiar…  is known for it’s horses.  Well, Assateague really, but you can see the ponies from Chincoteague. 


One morning, we went to this little pony center and we got lucky – there was a foal there!  I’m certain that I was more excited then anyone!  A baby horse…  I had to think, but I really don’t think I’ve up close and personal with a baby horse .  I’m not sure  you all get how exciting this is..  I love animals, and baby animals just melt me…  and make me all kinds of happy.  It’s how I roll. 


Asher and Hannah from very early on have loved animals!  Hannah especially will just giggle at any animal.  She’ll say to whatever animal we are loving or seeing… – ‘awww baby’…  it cracks me up!  I love that they love animals! 


We fed a baby possum here at home for a  couple of months…  I know…  a possum is gross. And a full grown possum is kind of creepy..  but this was a baby..  Just new w/ no momma to care for him.  He showed up on the porch to eat the cat food we put out – ya know, for the outdoor cats we care for..   and he was eating away.  Just a little thing..  couldn’t even figure out how to get back down the stairs when he was done!  Too cute…  John kept looking at me, my response,  ‘but he’s just a baby….’. 


That is how we ended up w/ our 20 pound cat, ironically named ‘Tiny’.  We found her a few weeks before Hannah was born..  all of 2 pounds, across the street from our home…  a baby.  ‘Just a baby’.  It was to pour all weekend..  some big storm coming.  I couldn’t leave her out in it…  she was a baby.  Now she’s ours. 


Like I said, I have a thing for babies. 


This baby horse melted my heart.  It just wanted to be loved and loved and I was happy to oblige.  It was making my day to be petting this baby horse.  What made my day even more… … 



I think he’s smiling too!

Sheer Joy People!  he nuzzled my chin!! 

John was totally grossed out.  I made sure to rub my chin all over his face later…  ya know, to share the nuzzles! 

Yep, I love me some babies!  All kinds!

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