Fasting is hard

Being patient with my kids when I’m tired and the house is a mess and I can’t seem to get it cleaned and I know I should be spending time in the Word of God and yet every time I try, someone needs something or there is crying or yelling and I’m hungry and sleepy and the dishes and the wash need to be done….  seems to make every thing even harder!

And yes, I know that sentence is a run on…  but sometimes that is the way life seems to be…  a run on. 

I don’t like when things are hard.  I’m a wimp….  I’m admitting it.  I like it easy.  I don’t like to work hard at things.  I give in when things get hard. 

And today..  the kids and I had Wendy’s for lunch.  And no, I did not get the baked potato or a nice little salad. 

Ugh…  I have so much work to do in regards to trusting God and in just keeping my eyes on HIM when things get stressful or hard.  I know that God never said things would be easy when we choose to follow Him, we have a cross to carry and most days I am more then willing to carry that cross and faithfully and obediently follow after Christ.  I love following Him.  It’s amazing to share his message of love and forgiveness.  It’s awesome to see Christ working in others and in myself.  But some days, my attitude gets the best of me and I get grumpy about being loving and forgiving and PATIENT!  And really, I just want it easy.  I don’t want to have to work at keeping my house clean or continually play peacemaker between a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old whose favorite word is MINE, MINE.  And I get grumpy about stupid things, like goldfish on the floor and not having any personal space!  And then the last thing I really want to do is to seeking God at those moments. 

So, I resort to Wendy’s!  For real people…  I go to Wendy’s instead of God!  How pathetic. 

See, lots of work to do.

So, dinner will be sweet potato fries, whole grain rice with corn and peas, and a salad with cucumbers. 

And before I work on that…  time spent with God, even with the cries of “MINE” in the background. 

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