Daniel Fast Day 1

I have never fasted before, from anything!  I have no will power and not much discipline.  Food has become such a comfort for me, I mean really – when does chocolate NOT make you feel better?  Or French Fries..  they are my go to food when I’m stressed, or grumpy, or tired..  or happy..  Yea…  I kid you not!

So when my church started doing the Daniel Fast back before Christmas, I thought a lot about it.  I even tried for a day or two…  but I quickly reverted back to my old ways. 

Well, they are at it again.  And I’m joining in, for real this time.  The Daniel Fast is a partial fast lasting for 21 days.  It comes from Daniel’s own experiences in seeking God as recorded in the Bible.  And basically, you fast from sweets, processed food, drinks (other then water), and meat.  Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, whole grains – they become your diet. 

I’m not a good eater, I’ll be the first to admit that.  And although I am getting better as I get further into this whole adulthood thing..  I’m still don’t like a LOT of things.  Thus making this fast VERY hard for me.  Mainly because I don’t like a lot of what we are allowed to eat. 

And I’m afraid of starving..

for reals..

or not, but I don’t like to be hungry and at this current moment, I’m HUNGRY!  I want to snack on pretzels, not allowed.  I tried raisins, still hungry. 

This is not a fast for the purpose of eating better or losing weight (although I’ll take those too!), but for growing closer to God.  IT’s the purpose of spending more time in prayer, in conversation with our Savior.  It’s to recognize our hunger and thirst for HIM and to seek HIM to quench us. 

My tendency is to give in.  So I’m blogging about this to keep me accountable and to be honest about how hard it is and to spend time sharing what God might be telling me or showing me. 

So, here we go, me and Jesus on this journey. 

how long before dinner?

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