A year later

A year ago we were a family of 3 with our 4th on the way.  Her due date was still  over 3 weeks away and yet I was having lots of contractions and was certainly more then ready to meet our new baby!

And meet her we did, October 2nd, 2009 at 8:20 that evening. 

hannah birth 12 (2)Hannah Joy

And what a Joy she is.  She fills our hearts with incredible Joy, the joy of the Lord and that is what I pray for her.  I pray that she will always know and be filled with the JOY of the Lord.

hannah birth 11 (2)

Hannah, you brought a little chaos to our lives when we found out 5.5 months after we had just had a baby that we were going to have another, but truly we could not imagine our lives and our  home without you.  Asher calls you HaHa and gosh, that is so fitting.  You laugh and laugh and we laugh with you.  You see Asher laughing so you laugh.  You are a silly child.    And you are a loud child! 


You amaze us with the words you are saying already, words like; cat, hippo, hi, go, cow, moo, mommy, daddy, all done

DSC_0578You adore your brother even though he does not share and tends to push you over.  You want to be where he is and play with what he is playing with.  Be patient with him, he’ll learn to share. 


   You are a snuggler and love to snuggle with your mommy.  I love it too really.  Baby, I’ll snuggle with you any day!


You turn 1 tomorrow and we are so excited to be celebrating you!  We love you Hannah and are so thankful for you!


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