we got lucky

Sunday, we got lucky, it was all about timing..  I got Asher just in time..  pre-poop…  that is how we got lucky!  The last 3 days, not so lucky… 

I don’t like potty training..  but I sure do like the pictures it provides!


CARS!  ya, he was not impressed.  And for him – M&M’s..  I think I’ve handed them out once to him. 

For me – Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  I’ve had several!  Come on now, Mama needs a reward too! 

DSC_0370  Ya..  he was zoning.. 


And really, the 2t underwear is too big!  He’s a little guy..




On  fun note – Asher and Hannah  have a new cousin!  My brother Ben and his wife Robin had a little girl last night  - Abigail Grace!  She joins her big sister Emily who really is not so big at a mere 15 months! 


Welcome Abby!  We love you!

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