Potty Training

So, Asher is two.  And apparently that is the magic age one should begin potty training.  So, for the last month we have the potty out..  downstairs and upstairs and at least once a day – I sit him on it.  He does nothing…  well – he smiles.  But nothing that one should do while one sits on a potty. 

I also sit Hannah on it..  for cuteness purposes – because  is rather cute sitting on the potty when her feet don’t touch the ground.  And we sing a song..  Go Go Potty, Go Go Go Potty Potty, Go Go Potty, Go GO GO Potty Potty..  Ya – I made that up ALL BY MYSELF!  I’m that good!

Hannah goes ‘pee pee’.  She’s 11 months. 

Asher does not.  He’s 2.


So – yesterday I notice this boy grunting, like he’s all about ready to start something good.  I quickly but calmly strip him down and put him on the potty.  He’s a little uncertain while I’ve distracted him as he was getting ready to poop.  He gave me weird looks.  I smiled..  big happy smiles!  And left him alone, cause, ya know..  I don’t want anyone sitting there grinning at me while I’m sitting on the potty trying to poop.  Of course.

10 minutes later.  He’s still sitting there, but I heard it..  you know..   I ask if he’s done.  He jumps up.  I look in – and well, not to get too detailed here..  but there was some something something in there!  Oh yea…  I jump up and down, kiss him, tell him what a good boy he is, kiss him again.  He’s completely weirded out now for sure!  We take it all to the big people potty, dump it and flush it and cheer!  Then we run outside to tell daddy.  :) 

Today.. I put him in brand new underwear, w/ cars on them.  And we sit on the potty..  several times.  He pee’s twice..  in 30 min…  in his underwear.  Two different pairs.  I put him in a diaper after that.

We’ll try again another day… 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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