The age of innocence and a need for hope

I attended a funeral today, that of an 18 year old boy who was killed in a car accident this past Friday night.  The sanctuary was filled with other 17, 18, 19 year olds ‘remembering’ Arick. 

Arick, it seemed was loved by a lot of people.  He had a lot of friends who were more then willing to share memories they have of the good times they’ve had with Arick. 

So many of these good times seemed to involve ‘the need for speed’..  fast cars, go-carts, bikes, 4 wheelers…  all of them going fast.  Seems scary to me.  This need to test the limits, to see how far one can take things..  the illusion that you are invincible. 

But, we’re not invincible.  Arick’s death – the result of testing the limits behind the wheel – is clear evidence that sometimes speed can kill. 

As I sit and watch my children sleep and hold them and kiss their foreheads and feel their soft faces against my cheek, I cannot help but think about this incredible responsibility of raising them.  The overwhelming task of teaching them about right and wrong and the consequences of their decisions. 

What do I want for my children?  I want them to grow into young men and young women who boldly love and serve Christ.  I want them to know how to have fun and live life without the allure of drugs or alcohol or promiscuity.  I long for them to set examples for others of what it means to follow Christ.  I want them to love and serve and be compassionate and care about others.  I want them to live life fully.  I want a lot…  and maybe I expect a lot, I just don’t want to see them making poor decisions in life because they want to impress others or because they think life is more fun doing wrong.  

Maybe they can stay 1 and 2 years old forever and I won’t have to worry?!


But I know that whatever happens and whatever decisions they make, I have put them in God’s hands.  Which is the very same place that Arick is right now, in God’s hands because I know that God loves Arick and God gives us hope.  And as I looked at the faces of those hundred or so young people today I was impressed upon again and again the need that our young people have of hearing in and experiencing the Hope that God promises us. 

The Hope that HE loves us.

The Hope that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The Hope of forgiveness

The Hope of a New Life

The Hope of Salvation

The Hope that although right now we mourn, a JOY comes morning

Praise God for His Hope

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Rachel said...

Praise God for His hope.

What a hard funeral to attend. I'm sorry.

Your blog is beautiful.