Asher is 19 months old today and he gets more and more fun each day! he has a fake laugh now and when he hears you laughing about something, he has to pipe in really loud with his own fake laugh! He seriously thinks he is so funny.. (and well, he kind of is... but don't tell him! )

He is slowly... s....l....o....w....l...y.... starting to say words, but definitely communicates with lots of pointing.. and well - grunting. He gets his point across.

He loves quacking and mooing... and singing and dancing...

and building. His favorite thing right now is building with his blocks and his creations are getting bigger and more complicated. I love watching him put the blocks together and pick the different sizes.. he concentrates and generally hums while he's building. Love it!

I also love that he'll now come over to me, raise his face up and move in for a kiss.. he'll do it when I ask him for a kiss, but once in a while - he'll do it all on his own and it's the sweatest thing ever!

I mean really, don't you want to kiss this little face?

I do!

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