A Resoluting we will go

IF I were to make New Years Resolutions, and that is a big IF.... there are most definitely a long laundry list (and a lot of laundry) of things that I could make resolutions about. What to hear some?

* I could resolve to eat healthier and exercise more. As if I don't eat healthy and exercise all the time already... sheesh

* I might resolve to work harder on cleaning and organzing my house - IF it wasn't already perfectly cleaned and organized as we speak.. uh-huh..

* I should resolve to read my Bible more and spend more time praying If I weren't already so holy and committed to doing this... right....

So, IF my diet wasn't already healthy and my weight at a great number and my house cleaned and organized and my time with God a high priority - then I might be resolving to do the afore mentioned things....

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