15 weeks old

Although these pictures were taken at Christmas - Hannah is now 15 weeks old. 3.5 months. Hard to believe this is where she is already. She has developed so much in this last month - really following people with her eyes, grabbing and holding on to things, laughing and talking! We have conversations on a daily basis - especially after she is done nursing - she'll lay there looking up at me - smile and talk. I just love it! What a sweet little girl she is. She is still eating often.. and I'm still just feeding on demand.. seems to keep her happy. She is noticing Asher more and more and watches him when he is near by. He's good with her, loving on her, trying to give her the pacifier... the otehr day they were sitting next to each other on the couch while Asher was watching something on TV (the Sprout Channel!) and I caught him holding her hand, playing with her fingers. Gosh.. love it!

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Cindy said...

You have beautiful babies!!! Such sweet faces.