poppop turns 90!

This past Thursday, poppop made it to 90 years old! I think he is more suprised then anyone! He kept saying, " I can't believe I am this old!" Haha... So, today we celebrated! Here's the 'birthday boy!'

A few of his grandchildren - Ben, Sarah, Becky and me

and our spouses - Robin and John!

I have many great memories of poppop (most of which also include mommom). He's a great man and has a good long life. He was a navy man who spent his navy years flying. He still gets tears in his eyes thinking about and talking about his navy career but I think they are some of his proudest memories. There was never any doubt over how much he loved mommom - for as difficult and bossy and spontaneous and creative and sometimes eccentric as she was - he has spent his life loving her. I have always enjoyed hearing the stories of how they met on a lake in row boats, how they attempted to elope when mommom was just 16 years old and how poppop would sign her birthday's cards - love your first husband.... just for the scandel! I am proud to have him as my grandfather and feel blessed to be celebrating 90 years with him!

Happy Birthday poppop!
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