nap time

Because Asher refuses to nap in his crib, this is his normal nap space and since he'll take between a 2 and 3 hour nap on the couch, I'll not fight it... Hannah did wake up right after this picture and finished her nap in her own crib...

We are doing well. Hannah is now 5 weeks old (as of friday) and is growing, eating lots and sleeping much better then Asher ever did or does! Asher continues to adjust, although he's had a rough few weeks w/ being sick and not sleeping well.... (even worse then he was if you can imagine..) and just plain wanting to be held by mommy and daddy... I'm thinking he might be getting his molars.. but not sure. He just hasn't been a happy camper :( He will be 16 months old on the 20th though and is just changing daily. He understands so much which makes talking to him more fun! He continues to be curious about all things and his fine motor skills continue to amaze me! He loves to look through books, put things together, brush his own teeth and play with tiny! (the cat). He is a character! I'm healing up well.. feeling better and better and desperately wanting this weight to come off.. (although w/ the amount of food I enhale on a daily basis one would think - not that desperate). I'm slowly getting out and about with both kids at the same time.. and realizing just how time consuming that really is! John continues to work down in Maryland on a big job, along with some smaller jobs here in the area... he just booked another job in New Castle! We praise God continually for the consistent work he has been providing John. :)
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