**** We had dinner last night at my mom's and got to see Emily! Asher was a bit skeptical at first but later on - he snuggled her and loved her! He's going to be a great big brother! :) how sweet is this picture?!

**** update from friday's appt.. - not too much to report - obviously, I'm still pregnant! I am 90% effaced... losing bits of my mucous plug.. (i'm sure you wanted to know that!), and I'm at 2cm. dilated.... I continue to have contractions.. but they don't seem to be getting worse! ugh.... Bring on the pain! :)

**** Between, Asher, my bladder and this kitten - I am getting little sleep at night! When it was warmer - and my feet would be outside of the covers - I would be woken up by Tiny nipping my ankles and legs and toes... these last few nights I thought would be better - a little cooler - legs, toes, ankles are now under the covers - well - Tiny jumps up on the side of the bed - burrows her way under the covers and nips away at the backs of my thighs and behind!! Seriously.... I can't make this stuff up...

Asher is mesmerized by Jack Black on Sesame Street...

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