an unexpected visitor

John calls me this morning.. from across the street to stay - 'there is a kitten out here'.. now - don't laugh! For those who knows us - know we have a little clan of cats - feral, undomesticated, outdoor.. cats that we feed. they have all been fixed.. and we're just trying to help them stay safe and healthy. None of them let us touch them... well, except Felix who nearly 2 years ago - started coming in at night to sleep in our bed... spoiled cat! So, really, the fact that we found a kitten is no great surprise. So, I go out w/ some food, b/c of course - she is starving... and she's just a baby... and there are storms coming this weekend and I could not just leave her outside to fend for herself.. do you see where this is going?

So, now, there is a little kitten who finally stopped crying/meowing.. sleeping beside me on the couch. We're not sure what we are doing with her.. might call one of the rescue shelters... we're not sure yet. Right now, we're feeding her and loving her... she just wanted to be held and petted and cried if I stopped or put her down... (everyone say awwww)...

I know, I know.. call us the crazy cat people.. it's okay. we don't mind. I dare you to just leave a baby kitten out to starve and get soaked in hurricane danny....

want to see her?

I can only guess her age.. maybe 12 weeks or so? maybe older? I really have no idea! But she's sweet... and hasn't stopped purring..

see.. truly - our life is not boring!

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