long time no chat..

I know, I know.. I'm slacking at posting updates on the Lindtner's.. shame on me! I do have some good excuses though - mainly that I've been sick on and off for the last month.. and it's not been fun! Asher was sick, John was sick.. I was sick and am sick.. we've also been busy w/, well, with I don't know what really but stuff! Work has picked up for me w/ a Thursday night program during the month of March. We have dinner and then program for adults and kids and we've gotten well over 100 people the last 2 thursdays! It's great momentum for the fall when this will happen for longer then 4 weeks. :) It's good, but exhausting. I also have a fundraiser this Saturday which is taking a lot of time to prep for. I'll be glad when it's over! Asher gets baptized in 2 weeks - so there is some planning for that.. and ya.. you get it! John has been busy too - w/ the lighter days and somewhat warmer days.. he's getting in working outside which is good! he ran a 1/2 marathon yesterday and beat his last years time by 4 minutes! whooo!!! :) he runs the DE marathon in May... so - if he's not working on windows or hanging out with Asher.. or doing wash.. or other household things to help me. he's running... (oh - or taxes.. big project right now!).

Asher is nearly 8 months old.. crazy huh? he's having a good time learning so many new things. He's loving the cats right now and giggles everytime he's sees them! he giggles a lot actually and it cracks us up. he gets excited so easily!! We're working hard on getting him to sleep through the night.. meaning , we're letting him cry it out.. it's been ahrd, but hopefully he's getting there. We're pretty tired of being so exhausted all the time!

i'll be back soon w/ some pictures!

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