6 month pictures

Asher turned 6 months old January 20th! It amazes me somedays how far we've come in a mere 6 months! :) he had his checkup and he's doing great. His weight is up to 17 pounds, 9.5 ounces. and he's about 25 inches short.. er, I mean long! He loves sitting up and playing now and mom and dad love it too - b/c he can entertain himself. He's begun standing on his own - if we put him up against the back of the couch - he'll hold himself up and he loves that too. We are in trouble when this child gets on the move! We had 6 months portraits taken - that is what is above! They turned out great!! can't wait to get them.
I finished my ordination exam and turned that in last week - although I won't find out until the end of March if I passed.. (or not). Not sure what is next after that, but I'll figure that out.
John is preparing for a half marathon in March. and is trying to stay on top of work in spite of the cold cold weather.
enjoy the pics!

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