trying for a girl?

So, we were at Wendy's on our way home from the retreat on Sunday afternoon and John, Asher and I were sitting at a table with 3 other middle school boys. There was a table of older folks next to us who were talking to Asher and ooing and aahing.. (as any good old person ought to do..) when the following conversation takes place..

old lady: is it a boy or girl?
me: a little boy.. Asher Daniel
old lady: oh, another boy, thought maybe you were trying for a girl this time..
me: ah - yes, we have 3 girls at home already..

ok - I didn't really say that last line - but wish I had... it would have been funny.. I did however explain to her that ALL these boys were not mine.. only little Asher was..

i'm going to work on being more witty - on time.. rather then thinking of witting things to say later.. It may be mean at times - but i'll enjoy life even more as I watch the faces of those I wit!

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