middle school boys and super hero's

John and I took 4 middle school boys away on a retreat this weekend to Harvey Cedars. I've been going to harvey cedars for years.. this year being the first as a married lady.. and a mommy! We joined several other churches and had a great time. The theme for the weekend was super hero's. We talked about there being evil in the world and in us and about the greatest super hero of all who came to save us. I'm not a huge fan of likening Jesus to a super hero - but it seems to work for middle school boys... So, today - I am glad we have a super hero.. one who is strong when I am weak, one who continually points me in the right direction, one who creative and artistic, one who forgives and one who loves me more then I will ever deserve to be loved. As I look Asher - I am thankful for the super hero in his life. I am thankful for his Savior who created him and loves him even more then I do. I hope I can be an good example to Asher of what God is like - in all areas of my life.

Sunday morning of the retreat we took communion. And I guess it was the first time one of our boys had done that.. - he said to him mom this morning -
Matt - "mom - you know what is really good?"
Mom - " What Matt?"
Matt - " bread and grape juice"

The beauty is - matt has no idea just how good partaking in the body and blood of Christ - really is! Have you enjoyed yourself some bread and grape juice lately? If not - God is waiting for you to join him...

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