our baby boy

Funny story- we were in the hospital friday night and saturday day - for a birthing class!! And well, we havn't left! During the hospital tour portion of our class - late saturday afternoon - Jamie began to feel the very unfamiliar and rather akward wetness of her water breaking... as soon as class ended - we got admitted to the hospital because we were having a baby!!!

I wasn't having contractions yet.. although at that point I was 2 cm. dilated.. so they started me on pitocin. Within 2 hours - about.. of that the contractions were coming on pretty hard.. and pretty frequent. I chose to go w/ an epidural - which was not an easy task to go through w/ such awful contractions.. so we had that done - prob. about 9ish that night and were told to sit back and rest for the night... well - a half hour later the dr. checked me to see if I moved in dilation at all - and as she's feeling - she's like - ok, no resting - you are going to push - you're fully dilated! WOW.. we looked at each other and were like - wait, you mean we're having this baby like now?! YES... so - we start pushing!! Which was EASY for like the first half hour - I was fully numb.. and had energy.. and it was good - until the contractions became unbearable and little Asher decided he was going to get stuck in my pelvis bone and not come through.. So - after 2 hours of really working hard to push him through- the Dr. checks and says it's not going to happen and they start to prep me for a c section..... It was all overwhelming and a bit scary - but so awesome to lay there w/ John at my head and to hear the dr. say- Ok dad - want to see? John stood up, looked over the curtain and said - I think its a... its a boy!!! John watched the Dr. bring Asher out of me and we were both filled with such joy!!! amazing...

John hung out and held Asher while I got put back together and we've been snuggling with him ever since! He's beautiful.. truly!!

here's some stats..
Asher Daniel Lindtner
- Asher is from the Bible and means blessed and happy - which is what we felt when we found out we were pregnant and all through my pregnancy i've been praying that Asher will be a blessing from God to all that he comes into contact with.

He was born at 2:41am.. or plucked from my womb at that time!
He was born weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 191/2 inches long! He is our little peanut.

Right now - we are at the hospital with him under the lights - he is pretty jaundice - from not getting enough milk (from me...) - we're workign on that now w/ supplimenting formula and pumping my breastmilk.. we're heading home soon - finally - w/ a little jacked thing that will continue to provide some light therapy for him so that his billirubin levels lower. It's been hard working through this today and to not be able to snuggle with him all day long.. as he needs to be 'tanning'. He however, is handling it just fine! (mommy has been a different story though!).

John has taken tons of pics - i'll add some here later.. so you can see how beautiful little Asher is! (I know i'm biased.. but too bad).

pray for us as we continue to adjust and learn.. and pray for Asher that the light therapy will work and that he will be jaundice free and fully hydrated and healthy.

We are very joyous!

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