A QUICK update!

We are crazy busy at the very moment - perhaps a little too much.. but here's what has been happening - abbreviated version w/ a much more detailed/picture worthy post to come! (not today though... )

* John put the floor down in the family room/kitchen - it looks GREAT! We both really like it!!! And we can't wait to get our furniture and all in there to complete it!

* Jamie had a baby shower on Saturday where loads of people came and it was fun! :) Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and for celebrating this baby with us - we can tell for sure that this baby of ours will be loved by many! (now comes the organizing of all that we got! )

* VBS started for Jamie and it's been great.. (and exhausting and leaving me more sore then I could have ever imagined..!) We're up to about 90 kids coming out and they are loving it! 2 more nights.. and then i'll crash...

* We've been car hunting... spending our mornings at car dealerships... one in particular... it's been a hard decision but I think we've just about made one... more to come on that!

* And.. most fun.... TODAY IS JOHN'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy Birthday John!! Thank you for all you do for me and for our little family!! Thank you for how hard you work and how silly you get in efforts to make me laugh and not stress out! I love you and I'm so thankful for you! :)

Back to work...

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