addition updates

well, progress is being made! yeah! :) John has been working like crazy to get some of these things finished.. the contractor - can't say he's been working like crazy.. but he's working a little bit.. anyway! here's some updates...

Here's the bathroom - freshly painted.. :) And check out the lights in there.. yeah!

Another shot of the painted walls w/ the lights..

The painted family room/Kitchen... - down there at that end is where the kitchen cabinets will be - maybe even next week we'll have some up! :) Notice the lovely fan too...
The family room side.. w/ it's lovely light... and snickers..

And - the laundry room painted..
This week - in the evenings - we'll start working on laying the floor!
The contractor is working on putting up the siding and next week - hopefully he'll finish up evthing that he needs to do - like bathroom tile... install bathroom stuff.. Then the rest is up to us (i think)!
We have our 34 week appt this friday! VBS starts for Jamie on Sunday - so loads to do there! And John has a birthday coming up.. so we'll be celebrating that!
I need to update a belly shot - it's quite big right now! HA!

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