February already?

thank goodness it is february! I for one, am thrilled! :) Ordination exams are over.. meeting w/ CPM is over and the second trimester has begun! wohoo!

Exams were hard, the exegetical paper was perhaps the worst. this in between time of NOT knowing if I failed or passed is a wonderful time! HA! I met w/ CPM and go before Presbytery in May to read my statement of motivation. So, i'm going to enjoy February!

Baby seems to be doing well. I'm not seeing a belly yet, but i'm sure it'll come soon enough. And, thankfully my clothes still fit! which is excellent for our budget right now.

Speaking of budgets! We're planning on putting on an addition on our house. We're negotiating prices (negotiating the big word there) w/ a contractor who we would like to go with. Pray for that! we're also going to be doing a good part of it ourselves - so watch for addition work days that YOU all can join in and help with (if you're in the area here of course). For example - days like demoing the existiing useless additions that we have already. I promise i'll feed you!

John is doing well! busy as ever w/ windows, running (prep for 1/2 marathon in march), selling his truck( anyone interested?), taking care of me (his new favorite pasttime i'm sure!), loving kitty cats and trying to keep up w/ evthing I am not keeping up w/! He's great and a huge support to me!

Not much else going on. I"m currently working on a sermon for Sunday.. I should prob. get back to that.

Enjoy the month! I know I will!

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Janice said...

I for one am definitely in agreement with the happiness that January is over, February is definitely a blessing in disguise...so an addition on the house???how much of that will you be able to be around for? And again, YIPPIE!!!!!! It's February