beautiful miracles!

So today was our appt to hear the heartbeat... I woke up - tried not to pee (or hold my pee) so that I was assured I'd have some pee to pee in a cup when we got there. It did'nt' work - I had to pee bad.. so I drank loads of water instead - and peeing went fine!! :) Good job bladder!
They weighed me.. fine. blood pressure was good.. talk to DR.. fine - she puts the cold jelly on my belly - well - lower belly/pelvis area - and starts trying to find the hearbeat. Lots of wooshy... windy sounds but no heartbeat - so - Ok - take your pants off! WHAT?! They did an internal ultrasound and she moved the screen so John and I could see at the same time - and there he/she was - our little baby!!! It was so AWESOME!! we saw the heartbeat - better then hearing it I think! And the baby was moving and shaking.. active! the legs were kicking, arms were waving.. it kept turning to look at us.. (ok, not really, but turning and we could see the little face). I saw knee caps! So cool... the DR. said - this is a good size baby! haha- nice! I was so happy to hear the baby is doing well and right on track and growing and beating and all that fun stuff. So, the Dr. leaves and John's like - get your camera out - and he took pics of the machine and all! Very funny- we were hoping no one walked in!
So, enjoy some first pics of Baby Lindtner!

See the baby?!! the head and the belly! :) that's the pic that got left on the screen after the Dr. left. We did a print out of 3 pics!
me and the baby!

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Janice said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! that is so amazing, and exciting, definitely a wonderful surprise for you both today! Yippie! I asked this somewhere else but i'll ask again, and how old is the little one with knee caps????