It has been busy times in the Lindtner household! John was away for a few days in Frederick Maryland at a preservation trades conference. He enjoyed himself! Heard some good things.. asked lots of questions! I was glad for him to be home on saturday evening! :)

In the meantime - while John was away - I caught up w/ some friends! Friday - spent some time w/ Becca and her little sweet Matthew. And Saturday had lunch w/ Anne, Chrissy and her sweet Joey. All these baby boys!

I also baked chocolate chip cookies for my husband! Aren't I a nice a wife?! I finished the table runner i was quilting. Perhaps I'll take a pic of it and post it! I like it. :) Next i want to do some placemats to match it. hmm...

I also had my updated MRI - to check out the tumor and all - see if ti's grown.. and see if all is good w/ the old brain! It is! everything is good - the tumor hasn't changed - and it's been 11.5 years since surgery. Praising God for that!

Lots to praise God for! hope you all can do the same. :)

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