and the shed has walls. sort of!

well, John is away in Maryland this weekend - Frekerick - for a Preservation Trades Network... He left early early this morning and is there until Saturday evening. I miss him! Just talked to him though and he's doing well!
I had 2 dr's appts today! One was my MRI - i was due to have my check up last January - (follow up for brain tumor...that I was diagnosed w/ 11 years ago.. ) so, I had that today - I go see the neurologists the end of the month. The technician indicated that evthing looked good though, and then I had an eye dr. appt. - which they also do a full medical eye exam since it was during an eye appt. that the tumor was detected - but evthign looked good there too! No swelling, optic nerve fibers are good.. so - i think all is good! :) Praise God! And my eye sight is still 20/20 - however, I am a bit farsighted - and she prescribed a slight presciption for glasses to wear while at teh computer or reading. Strangely enough - i'm slightly excited! haha - i've always wanted glasses! haha.. - i'm weird.. I know!

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