I spent the day yesterday at a water park with 13 teenagers and hords of other people. 3 of my teenagers refused to go on any rides.. apparently the lines were too long for them to wait in.. they preferred wondering around in the HOT sun. I've truly concluded that even though at one point in my life I WAS a teenager - i don't understand them at all! And that frustrates me.... I get annoyed w/ the attitude and the language and the selfishness and the "i'm too cool for you" image they portray. not all of them are like that.. but some are and I get annoyed. It was so much easier to hang out and talk to and do ministry with teenagers 10 years ago.. heck, even 5 years ago.. Now - it's just hard.

Our Shed book has not come in the mail yet. I'd very much like to get started on our said shed.. but we need the book. Come on mr. mailman!

Today is Gabi's Birthday (john's sister). Happy Birthday Gabi!

Here's a few more wedding pics... !

The Bridal Party - waiting for the bride
Poppop dabbing the eyes.. He got mentioned during the service - about how 60 years ago he and his bride... my grandmother died about 7 years ago.. He misses her.... well, I do too....
A moment between sisters... Ellen who was the flower girl and Laura whispering something! (they are our cousins)
Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin and Robin Kane
Cake Eating time.. they were nice!

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