Yup - sheds! that is our next big project! John and I are going to build a wooden shed - about 10 by 12ish... in our backyard! This is no kit.. no pre-assembled shed - this is from scratch, buy the wood.. use hammer and nails and build a shed! Nice... :) this will give us more room in our garage _ from which John can work from much easier. Don't worry, I will keep you updated with pictures! It's very exciting!! :)

Ben and Robin are back from Antigua.. they had a fabulous time on their honeymoon! Then again - who doen'st enjoy their honeymoon?! They came over for dinner on Saturday night. Nice visiting w/ them.

I'm heading to a HUGE water park on Wed. w/ youth. Trying now to rent a vehicle bigger then my little car for it.. yup...

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