mothers and drugs

I have two kids in my program here at church - a brother and sister. Matt is going into 3rd grade and Renee is going into 9th. Right after I started working here - i got pretty close to Renee - who confided in me about her parents and addictions they struggled with. Eventually her parents divorced and her dad got custody b/c of her mom's drug addiction. Her mom has been addicted to drugs since she was a teenager and has been in and out of rehabs year after year. Sunday night - Tina finally ended her battle with drugs. She took so much that her body no longer could handle it and she died. Renee and Matt found out yesterday afternoon and of course are devastated. Pray for them. Pray for their hearts and pray for outlets for them to - in a healthy way - deal with their grief and anger and hurt. I talked briefly with Renee yesterday - although she wasn't up much for talking. I do think she is talking to her friends a lot, but pray for me as well - that I can reach out to her and that she is receptive to that. WE have youth group tomorrow night and I think she is going to come. Pray for that tiem and the other students who will be there reaching out to her. THe parents (mara and chris) hosting the youth group pool party tomorrow night are going to try to minister to her as well - Mara's mom committed suicide when Mara was just 10. This situation now with Renee hits close to home with her and she is going to try to reach out to Renee as well. Pray for these precious children.

I hate that things like this happen. I hate that this is the kind of world that we live in now - where children are born into situations where they end up hurting b/c of bad decisions their parents make. I'm thankful that when John and I have children - they won't have to worry about that kind of hurt. I'm learning to trust in our soveriegn God. And I know that God is aching for these children as well.

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