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We spent last week in Bluefield West Virginia on a mission trip. We took from our church here - 8 students and 4 adults. There were 3 other churches w/ us though - so lots of teenagers! The group John and I were in spent the morning at an elementary school working with children from low income families - doing a reading program. The stories of some of these kids broke our hearts. I thought JOhn and I were going to come home with a few kids of our own- ones we wanted to adopt and give good homes to! THey got really attached to our students and our students grew in their faith tons - as they recognized God in these little children. It was a great week for our students - a big time stepping stone in their faith!! I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us here in the fall!

Here's a few pics...

Kyle, Justin, Becky, Ian , Erin, Julie and Lisa.

on top a pinnacle

the kids we worked with - and some of which we wanted to bring home with us!! They need good homes - it breaks my heart (for instance - the boy in the blue Orlando shirt - charles - in foster care with his 3 brothers - his older sister was shot and killed 3 years ago by her boyfriend.... girl in the turquiose - Bridgette - dad in jail - mom in and out of rehab... gets shuttled around from house to house... )

Where we stayed - the Wade Center.. - an old elementary school that has been abandoned. Bought by a young couple for $30,000 so they could use it to open up a day camp for the kids in the community - many who come from the projects - one parent families - dads unknown or in jail...etc. These kids live rough lives..... The Wade Center is a blessing to them!!!

youth group kids being silly at the lake on the way home. :)

me relaxing by the lake!

Happy Birthday Anne!!! Love you!! :)

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Thanks Jamie! Love you both too!