new pastors

Well, the PNC here at Neshaminy has finally called a candidate to preach and most likely be our pastor. It's been 2 years ( a bit over) since the last pastor left.. the congregation is ready. I'm ready, but i'm not sure I"m ready for the pastor they are calling. Pray for this transition - and pray for my attitude!! God has a plan for this church and I need to keep reminding myself that and not get caught up in being negative. The candidate preaches here June 3, then the congregation calls, or doesn't call, votes... and he should start on July 16th. I expect lots of changes, lots of excitement and lots to get used to.... God has a plan......

John has the pics up from camping, the zoo and when we went to visit Matt and Melanie and the kids. - so - some pics coming soon!! (perhaps even tonight!)

No real plans for the weekend - some picnics w/ my parents and then John's parents on Sunday... and a big Kane picnic on Monday! I'm envisioning lots of hamburgers and hotdogs...

John got a phone call from someone from Fort DE yesterday - they have more windows they want him to restore - on two different buildings - the one building is an old theater (john replaces the tin ceiling for that already) and that is about 11 windows.. the other is a building that has about 40 windows - seriously -this could be like a 8 month job - which would be great!!! It's great to see his business growing and word getting out about how talented he is in preservation and restoration!! Now, we have to wait and see how the apprenticeship goes this summer and whether that gets offered as a full time job... compare that w/ pursuing his own business.. and make some decisions! Trusting in what God is going to show us and where He is going to lead us.. but it's exciting to have such options.

Ok, back to work!

I'm off tomorrow!!! YA! :)

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