Sunny days

Ah, it's a beautiful day outside!! So sunny... I love it! Wish I could be out for a nice hike today with John, - but he's working on windows and i"m working at the church on programs... I"ve got kids program tonight and a youth program tonight.. busy busy!

This Sunday we are heading to Philly to feed the homeless. We take lunches down, this time we are also taking backpacks for them, and new underwear and socks. Each time we do - we find out more and more about their needs and we are trying to meet them. it's always such a blessing for us to be able to do this.

Robin and Ben's birthdays are this week! Robin on the 11th and Ben the 13th. Wohoo! They are nearly at the 3 month mark. I remember last year - being at that mark and those last 3 months flew by! John and I are nearly at a year!! Crazy! :)

Enjoy the sunshine! I'm back to working!

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