Pretty windows

The windows are painted - green and white. Very pretty! Today John will clean up the glass and tomorrow he'll be back at Fort DE to put them back in. I think I may be going on Friday to help - me and my Mad Skills! HA! I'll be more like the gopher.. getting what he needs, holding things, working on my tan.. (one can hope!) :)

Staff meeting today at work.. Oh How I LOVE staff meetings.. (sarcasm... ) We're still searching (when I say we - I mean the PNC - pastoral nominating committee) for a pastor.. I'm more then ready for them to find one and get that person here to work! All in time.. need to trust in God's timing for this and that He is indeed preparing us and the new pastor for a wonderful partnership.

Anywho.. I should work!

Oh -it's Robin's birthday today! Happy Birthday Robin!! :)

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