Bath Time

So, just a tip for moms out there..  thinking that you can take a relaxing hot bath after dinner while the kids play nicely in their rooms…  isn’t gonna happen.. 

Unless…  one thinks that 2 sets of hands leaning into said hot bath, playing with the bubbles, splashing, throwing 20 gazillion wash clothes into said bath,  trying to wash said mom’s face, arms and other.  um..  unmentionables. – thank you that is enough washing!…   Relaxing…  well then – why Yes, It was a wonderful bath! 

And because I’m sure you are wondering..  no, I could not wait until after they went to bed, because I had a date on the couch w/ the Bachelorette… 

And I thought I deserved a little MOM time..  in the bath. 

While 2 children deserved some children time in their bedrooms. 

Tomorrow – we’re setting Hannah and Asher time in their rooms…  learning how to play ALL ON THEIR OWN..  Gates are up there ready to be put in front of their doors…   more toys will be moved up…  and they will learn! 

And I will not take baths while children try to help… 

Thank you very much!

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Kendra said...

LOL...this is great Jamie...and it's the only way I get clean! lol. ahhh, Mommyhood