life on the move

Well, we no longer are a residence of Wilmington - we have moved! yep, we bought a house, I quit my job, John has a workshop, I start a new job - part time, we have more room and a park.. and we love our house!

We moved to West Grove.. out past Longwood Gardens.. in the midst of mushroom farms.. we actually are right in the borough and we can walk to an ice-cream place, pizza place, fancy restaurant and the library! Our new... old house is about 110-120 years old and has so much character and charm. We love it! Asher loves it.. there are 2 staircases for him to run up and down.. front and back.. it's great.

I start this Sunday at West Grove United Methodist as a part time youth dir. I'll be starting up a youth group. :) The pastor and other staff are all women my age w/ young children - it's perfect. And I'm excited about getting invovled.

John has a great workshop - he no longer has to work otu of the basement or garage. :) and we're praying for lots of clients in this area.

pics to come! :)

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