A Huntin' We Will Go

We went huntin for some Easter Eggs on Saturday thanks to the lovely Kelly Higgs! Asher had a blast finding eggs (that we pointed out)! He took his job very seriously! A Man on a mission!

Hannah joined in.. here she is showing Asher her purple egg!

oops! She's still working on the whole sitting up skill... :)

Asher helps her sit up.....

see? I'll just lean right here, she says!

What was the most fun for Asher though was opening the eggs and fnding things in them!

He's done hunting and getting ready to sort.. the boy is a sorter..

ok, this is all def. backwards.. can't figure out to switch the pics to be in the right order.. so here we are hunting..

2 at one time! Heaven!

one in the tree!
we had so much fun! :)

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