growing is hard work

Asher is doing well too. Nearly 17 months old! He's so much fun. He talks all the time.. although we can't understand most of what he says. He does say 'tanks' (thanks) when you give him something and he likes to say 'hi' over and over again! He gets the phone and will have a conversation with someone... he's very animated and even pauses as if listening! cracks us up! We are finally giving in to the crying it out way of thinking and letting Asher cry it out... all night long... 2 nights down - hoping tonight is a better night! It is way past time for him to be in his crib ALL NIGHT! It's heartbreaking, but time.. much rougher on me and John then for Asher!

Hannah had her 2 month appt today ( a week late..') and she gained nearly 3 pounds over the last 5 weeks! She is weighing in now at 10 pounds and 2 ounces. And is 21 inches long..well - short! :) And she's doing great! She is smiling lots and starting to really watch things. She sleeps pretty well - but then again - any sleep better then Asher's sleep is great!
John has been working a bit on our house and keeping up with work! We praise God that he continues to stay busy with windows and new jobs!
Speaking of work - I go back to work on Monday. And after 4 months of being away - it's going to be hard!

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