teeny tiny little girl

Well, we've been home since monday and so far so good. Hannah is a sleeper, very different then our first child! Asher still does not sleep.. making our nights even more eventful now! She is also very mellow... and calm.. and we barely know she is there most of the time! She had a drs appt today and is doing very well. She is still at her discharge weight of 5 pounds, 13 ounces (down from birth - 6 pounds, 1 oz). Feeding is going okay... challenging but we're figuring it out! Asher is loving 'loving' on his sister although he's a bit rough! so we have to keep our eyes on him! She'll learn to be tough quickly - that's for sure.

We are def. feeling so blessed w/ our second beautiful and healthy baby!

here's some pics...

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The Peters said...

She's beautiful! I'm glad to hear she is healthy and full-term. Congratulations!!